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Arts Award offers children and young people aged 25 or under the opportunity to explore their creative talents, opening up the arts world, enabling them to discover their potential as artists.  At the same time, it allows them to develop their leadership skills and gain a recognised qualification along the way.  As they complete the award, young people gain essential skills such as creativity and communication, along with problem-solving, reflective-thinking and confidence.


Bronze Arts Award

Bronze Arts Award develops young people’s artistic abilities alongside their research and communication skills. This level involves them in the arts as creators and audience members, and encourages them to take their first steps towards leadership by sharing their learning with others.

Silver Arts Award

Silver Arts Award gives young people the chance to take on an artistic challenge and a leadership role too. As well as being about creativity, it's about becoming a reviewer, researcher and project manager. Participants build a broad range of transferable skills as they complete their portfolio and gain a Level 2 qualification.

Gold Arts Award

Gold is the highest level of Arts Award, giving young people insight into life as an arts professional. They'll hone their existing artistic skills, acquire new ones, gain practical experience of different roles in the arts world and develop leadership expertise. Worth 16 UCAS points, it's also a great boost to university and job applications.

Arts Award - Case Study 2023

Paper Portals Project - Case Study (Thornhill Primary School)

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