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Silver Arts Award

Silver Arts Award gives young people the chance to take on an artistic challenge and a leadership role too. As well as being about creativity, it's about becoming a reviewer, researcher and project manager. Participants build a broad range of transferable skills as they complete their portfolio and gain a Level 2 qualification.

Silver Arts Award enables learners to develop their own arts practice and arts leadership skills, underpinned by knowledge of their own art form and its relationship to arts provision in the community.
They demonstrate their artistic imagination in their own art form and the ability to implement appropriate responses to challenges.

Learners develop their ability to analyse situations, design appropriate action plans and review outcomes.
They demonstrate effective communication in a range of situations, showing an ability to convey information and provide some justification for their approach.

Learners create a personal arts portfolio containing evidence of their experiences. These portfolios can be in any format, including digital.

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