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Rotherham Loves Reading 2022

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Rotherham Loves Reading Resources

Reading for Pleasure - Supporting CPD and  resources . Rotherham Loves Reading project 2022

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An introduction to Graphic Novels

Content and resources provided by Vikki Fenton - Headteacher (Ferham Primary School)  RoSIS associate Headteacher.

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Bethan Woollvin Reads 'Little Red' for Rotherham Loves Reading

An introduction to Graphic Novels

Author and Illustrator Bethan Woollvin reads Little Red as part of Rotherham Loves Reading's campaign, Take 10, which aims to encourage children to read for 10 minutes per day. Did you know that your local library has lots of wonderful books for you to read and borrow? Why not visit!

'Little Red' is written and illustrated by Bethan Woollvin, and is published by Two Hoots.

Smriti Halls

Smriti Halls has written many books and perhaps her Sticking With You books are most well-known. One of my personal favourites is the beautiful Rain Before Rainbows -you can see The Duke from Bridgerton reading this on her wbsite!! The first focus for our virtual visit is Stop! That's Not My Story; you can read a sample on Amazon ( The second focus is the book Peace on Earth - quite timely! This should be a really special virtual visit and classes may want to have pencils and paper to hand. 

KS1 & KS2 - Date: 8th November 2023   Time: 1:30 -2:20pm     Book HERE

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Suzy Senior

So ho ho ho... we are thrilled to be bringing Suzy back to Rotherham - via Zoom rather than sleigh! This time the focus will be her latest book, Santarella, which you can read about here: Last time we met Suzy, she was a pirate; what might she be dressed as this time, I wonder?

KS1 & KS2 - Date: 12th December 2023   Time: 11:00 -12:00    Book HERE

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Jess Butterworth

To read a Jess Butterworth book is to be carried away to another place. First she took me Running on the Roof of the Word in the Himalayas where I encountered Yak tea and the Dalai Lama. Then I went to Yellowstone Park- after a shooting - in Into the Volcano.  And most lately, I went to Gibbon Island. This virtual visit is sure to be a treat. Here is a sample of Jess' latest book, Lost on Gibbon Island:

KS2            - Date: 17th January 2024   Time: 1:30 - 2:30pm     Book HERE

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Bethany Walker

Beth Waler has written several  very funny books; the books that will be the focus for this virtual visit is the hilarious Olly Brown, God of Hamsters. For any kid who ever wanted a hamster: careful what you wish for!
Olly Brown is hamster obsessed, but he never gets to take home the Year 6 class hamster. His dad won't allow any pets. But then the most amazing thing happens: a hamster shows up in Olly's house anyway! And it seems smart. Like, really smart.

This new hamster, Tibbles, is in awe of Olly, and it turns out Tibbles is one of many: there's a whole civilization of super-advanced, intelligent hamsters who seem to be worshipping Olly ... as a god?

THIS IS SO AWESOME! But how is this possible??? The visit will include a reading, chat, Q and A AND a draw-along so have pencils and paper to hand!

KS2 / Y2           - Date: 22nd February 2024   Time: 1:30 - 2:30pm     Book HERE

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Susannah Bailey

Susanna Bailey divides her time between writing, freelance social-work, and lecturing in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, where she also studied. S. F. Bailey wrote Snow Foal during her time at the same university where she drew much inspiration from her tutor, award-winning David Almond.

 Here is a link to a sample of Snow Foal:           


The second focus book of the session is Susanna's latest book, Smuggler's Fox, which is set in Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay, is about a boy who is put into Care when his Mum diasppears. Here is a link:

KS2            - Date: 11th March 2024   Time: 1:15 - 2:15pm     Book HERE

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Previous Authors

Swapna Haddow

When I was eight years old I wrote my first book. It seemed like a good idea at the time to trade it in for two stickers and a couple of marbles.

 I landed my first book deal when I won the Greenhouse Funny Prize for my children’s story Dave Pigeon.

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Laura Mucha

Rotherham Loves Reading is proud to bringing Laura Mucha to join us in virtual visits via Zoom on 5th May 2023.

Laure Mucha has written lots of books and stories, a firm favourite is Dear Ugly Sisters and Other Poems

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Ian Eagleton 

Ian's latest release, Glitter Boy, is an absolute triumph that pulls no punches in its depiction of homophobic bullying but also in its depiction of friendship and of empowerment and of being the bigger person.


Richard O'Neill

Richard O'Neill is a master storyteller brought up in the nomadic storytelling tradition.  He was born into a large family in a small mining community in the North East of England in 1962.  His family travelled with the seasons all over the country. 

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Jennifer Killick

Jennifer has always loved stories.  Growing up, she kept so many books hidden in her bed for reading after lights out that there was barely room for her!  She also loved writing stories – her first being a tale about a baby bird called Snowy, who hurt her leg and had to hop her way to safety.  

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Bali Rai 

Bali Rai was born in 1971 and raised as a working class Punjabi in Leicester. He grew up in a deprived area of Leicester, a city which is almost unique in terms of cultural mix and his style of writing is firmly grounded in the reality that he has seen around him since he was a child.

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Andy Seed

Andy Seed is the author of the international bestseller THE CLUE IS IN THE POO for kids and The SILLY BOOK series published by Bloomsbury which won the Blue Peter Book Award in 2015. His titles for adults include the hugely popular ALL TEACHERS GREAT AND SMALL series.

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Bethan Woollvin

Bethan Woollvin won the Macmillan Prize for Illustration in 2014 for Little Red – her classy, bold interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. It was a startlingly confident debut which she followed with an equally striking and feminist take on Rapunzel, with not a handsome prince in sight. 

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Sufiya Ahmed

Sufiya Ahmed was born in India and arrived in the UK as a baby. She lived in Bolton, Lancashire, before moving to London where she still lives. Sufiya has worked in advertising and in the House of Commons, but is now a full-time author.


Tom Palmer

The legendary Tom Palmer is a Yorkshire man who written at least 57 books and we are beyond excited to be welcoming him for a Rotherham Loves Reading virtual visit via Zoom on 6th July 11-12.

If you haven't read one of Tom's books, where have you been?  you are in for a treat!

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SF Said

SF Said is an award-winning author.  He was born in Lebanon in 1967 but has lived in London since he was 2 years old.  He has published three novels for children Varjak Paw, its sequel, The Outlaw Varjak Paw and Phoenix.  In 2021, Varjak Paw was included in Book Trust's list of the 100 Best Children's Books from The Last 100 Years.


Ross Montgomery

Ross was first published while working as a primary school teacher! His debut 'ALEX, THE DOG & THE UNOPENABLE DOOR'  (2013) was nominated for the Costa Children’s Book of the Year and the Branford Boase Award, and selected as one of The Sunday Times “Top 100 Modern Children’s Classics”.

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Suzy Senior

Suzy Senior lives and works at the top of a huge hill in Yorkshire. She lives with her family, two guinea pigs, a hamster, some fish, a grumpy kestrel, twelve whippets and a family of cheeky ferrets.


Neal Zetter

When not masquerading as a superhero, Neal Zetter is a London-based comedy performance poet, author, entertainer and educator with a huge following in schools. 

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Emma Carroll 

From a very early age, Emma dreamed of being an author. She was a secondary school English teacher for many years before becoming a full time writer, though still has strong links within education and the teaching community.

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