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Gold Arts Award

Gold is the highest level of Arts Award, giving young people insight into life as an arts professional. They'll hone their existing artistic skills, acquire new ones, gain practical experience of different roles in the arts world and develop leadership expertise. Worth 16 UCAS points, it's also a great boost to university and job applications.

Gold Arts Award enables learners to develop an understanding of the skills, knowledge and working practices relevant to their own art form and take responsibility for their own art form development.
They show their artistic imagination and originality, demonstrating a range of creative responses are appropriate and new to them.
They are able to evaluate and use information to design imaginative plans which can deal with unfamiliar or unexpected problems, analysing and reflecting on the success of their plan and drawing appropriate conclusions. Learners demonstrate an ability to communicate complex ideas with some skill, differentiating effectively between various types of audience and mounting persuasive arguments in support of their own views or opinions.
Learners create a personal arts portfolio containing evidence of their experiences. These portfolios can be in any format, including digital.

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