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Education for a

connected world

Preventing and tackling bullying

Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying

Tackling race & faith targeted bullying

The equality act 2010


Government / DFE Guidance

Boards Against Bullying (Governors)

'Boards Against Bullying aims to educate governors about issues surrounding bullying and provide resources to help them make a difference in schools.'

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The Anti-Bullying Company

The Anti Bullying Company, run by Ann Foxley-Johnson, aims to educate people about the impact of bullying and the power of kindness and respect.

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Secondary pupil friendly policy

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Primary pupil friendly anti-bullying policy

Suggested reading

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Mud Boy

Sarah Siggs

Mud Boy is an illustrated book for ages 5-11, showing how children can go from being joyfully buoyant to totally deflated when being bullied and teased, and offering advice to get them back to their best

I'm just me.jpg

I'm Just Me

Kenzi Jupp

A poem written by an autistic teenager from Chesterfield which explores how people with autism are not the same and react to things in different ways.

Cloud Busting.jpg

Cloud Busting

Malorie Blackman

This is a funny and sad story, told completely in verse. Davey is the new boy in class and Sam can't stand him. He thinks Davey is a Grade A moron. But when the two are thrown together Sam discovers that Davey's eccentric way of looking at the world makes life a lot more fun. Until the day something terrible happens...

Troll Stinks.jpg

Troll Stinks

Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

This is a great book to explore cyberbullying with young children. Billy the Goat and his friend Cyril decide to send mean messages to the troll living under the bridge. Soon they discover that their online actions were not such a fun idea after all.

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Fox Girl and the White Gazelle

Victoria Williamson

Heartfelt and full of hope, The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle is an uplifting story about the power of friendship and belonging. Inspired by her work with young asylum seekers, debut novelist Victoria Williamson's stunning story of displacement and discovery will speak to anyone who has ever asked, 'Where do I belong?'

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What is Racism

Katie Daynes

Is it ok to talk about racism? Why are people racist? And how can we stop racism? Find out in this thoughtful anti-racism book for children aged 4+.


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