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Forge CPD SEND Online Briefing - June 20th 2023

Pauline Holbrook, Head of SEND, SSAT (The Schools, Students and Teacher network), Catherine Needham, Consultant Teacher from Fusion SEND Hub Sheffield, Claire Hoyle, Parent Engagement Officer at Afasic, and Catherine Elliott, Primary Lead from the York, East & South Yorkshire Computing Hub.

Forge CPD SEND Online Briefing - February 23rd 2023

ForgeCPD’ s Second Online Briefing looks at Metacognition and Mediated Learning with Dr Jagdish Kaur Barn 

Fusion SEND Hub - Successful Inclusion and Achievement through Partnerships

ForgeCPD’ s Second Online Briefing looks at Metacognition and Mediated Learning with Dr Jagdish Kaur Barn 

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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Alternative Provision (AP) Improvement Plan

The DFE sets out plans to change the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision system in England..

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Latest News

Launch of the NEW interactive DLD Bubble Toolkit for Practitioners

LIVE LAUNCH! The ComIT team from Wales have taken RADLD's 'DLD bubble' and made it interactive. They'll talk through how it can be used

19 October 2023

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Transition to national professional qualification for special educational needs co-ordinators

A new leadership level national professional qualification for SENCOs will replace the existing qualification.

September 2023

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Children's Commissioner


A positive approach
to parenting

December 2022

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Twilight Talks Research Series: Evidence-informed practice

Short introduction by Dr Zachary Walker, Head of Department at Institute of Education, UCL’s faculty for Education and Society, Psychology and Human Development 

Booke here!

10 October 2023

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Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities who have fallen behind with reading

This blogpost focuses on pupils with SEND who are not reading fluently.

March 2023

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Autism Understood


Launch of a new website from the Charity Spectrum Gaming- Autism understood. 

September 2023

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Children's Commissioner


Beyond the labels: A SEND system which works for every child, every time


November 2022

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Art Class




Educational computer program

Speech & Language

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


& Dyspraxia

Building Robot Vehicle

The Engagement Model

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

In Conversation with Matt Carpenter and Gemma Alldritt

A free webinar for education professionals exploring the experience of neurodiverse professionals working in schools and colleges and how colleagues can be supported in the workplace. 

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‘The Importance of Wellbeing for All'

This free session reflects on the common areas of criticism, as well the areas of strength the Green Paper provides and outlines key implications for schools, parents and Local Authorities.

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‘The Importance of Wellbeing for All'

The conference was broadcast live online on 20 May, but access to the recordings can be purchased for £60 to share with all staff. There are 12 expert talks on Mental Health and Wellbeing, split into 3 streams:

Wellbeing & SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health)  -  Quality First Teaching  -  Specific Learning Differences (SPLD)


Teacher Handbook

January 2022

Content provided by NASEN/SENDgateway. The handbook has been developed as a resource for teachers to use over time as they embed inclusive practice in their classrooms: it is not intended that it is read cover-to-cover.

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Developing an Inclusive, Accessible and Ambitious Curriculum

January 2022

Content provided by NASEN/DFE. This CPD is a three-part series aimed at secondary practitioners that will explore how to make the curriculum inclusive, accessible and ambitious for all pupils

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Graduated Approach

March 2021

Content provided by Kenny Wheeler. This CPD explores the understanding of the graduated response. 

SENCo & Ofsted

March 2021

Content provided by Chiltern Teaching School. This CPD explores the role of Senco and responding to Ofsted. 

New pre-key stage standards

June 2021

Assessment arrangements for primary pupils working below the standard of the national curriculum and engaged in subject specific study

27th October 2022

SEN Register with Abigail Hawkins

Listen to this episode to find out who goes on the SEN register and how to reduce your workload.

DfE guidance links

The engagement model

SEND code of practice

SEND review: right support, right place, right time

Web Links

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AutPlay Therapy

AutPlay Therapy is a play therapy approach designed to address the mental health needs of neurodivergent children, and their families.

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Whole School SEND

Literacy guidance

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Autism Understood

Helping everyone can gain a better understanding of what autism is, since most people we meet seem a little confused about what autism actually is


Special Needs Jungle

Parent/Carer information and resources for SEND

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National Association for Special Educational Needs (nasen)

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Youth Sports Trust

UK's leading charity improving every young person's education and development through sport and play.

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Raise Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder or ‘DLD’. 

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New to SENCO

The SENCO Induction Pack supports new SENCOs at the start of their journey before they complete the NASENCO qualification.

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