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The CreativeToolbox

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The idea for a Creative Toolbox came from an effective collaboration between Imagine Rotherham and Create Sheffield. We could see the need to prioritise creativity and culture in formal education, and doing this in partnership would enable both Local Cultural Educational Partnerships (LCEPs) to develop their offer to become more sustainable.

The Idea

The Creative Toolbox is an innovative cross – curricular site that supports teachers in finding out about the opportunities available for children and young people to engage in high quality artistic, creative, cultural and heritage experiences. It allows class teachers to research places of culture such as museums, art galleries and stately homes. Bite sized films give an insight into how museums and art galleries can be used within the teaching of the National Curriculum as places of learning, inspiration, and fun.

A series of films where teachers and artists discuss how they incorporate the teaching of art and culture across the wider curriculum provide inspiration for schools when considering how to develop creativity across the curriculum.

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Artist in Residence - Angie Hardwick

Angie Hardwick talks about the successful collaboration with Prince Edward Primary School as Artist in Residence.

The Chatterbox Project  - Concerteenies/Cascade

Chatterbox was an exciting 18 month music project in four Sheffield primary schools led by Polly Ives (Concerteenies) and the Cascade Multi Academy Trust.

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Clifton Park Museum - Rotherham

Christine Evans explains how Clifton Park Museum can support your school's development of a creative curriculum.

Developing a Creative Curriculum  - Brinsworth Howarth Primary School

Maxine Crawford (Headteacher) shares the development of her school's Art curriculum.

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Millennium Gallery  - Sheffield Museums Trust

Anita Hamlin discusses the options available for schools from the Sheffield Museums Trust.

Wentworth Woodhouse  - Welcome to Wentworth Woodhouse

Jen Wall discusses how the stunning Wentworth Woodhouse and its grounds can be used to enhance your curriculum creatively.

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Matt Laurie - Communications specialist

Matt Laurie explains how he has developed a rapport based music intervention at Rowan School Sheffield

What is Imagine Rotherham?

Imagine Rotherham is an interface between schools and the cultural sector that enhances the capacity of both sectors to better engage children and young people in artistic and cultural practice. We bring together people who can spark a conversation or provide a catalyst to try something different. We encourage teachers to work with artists and creative education specialists to come up with different ways of approaching things in the classroom. Imagine Rotherham recognises and celebrates the diverse cultural heritage, identities, values and beliefs of our children and young people, and will promote a respect for diversity in everything we do.

What is Create Sheffield?

Create Sheffield forges connections to bring arts and culture to every child and young person in the city. We know that teachers and schools can lack capacity to make new connections, to come together and collaborate or to broker new relationships with creative practitioners. This is an exciting time for arts and culture in Sheffield and we want schools to be part of that. We are asking schools to sign up as a Create Sheffield partner so that we together we can make sure that every child and young person has the same access to creative expression no matter their background. To find out more please visit our website.

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Additional Resources Coming Soon!

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