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Module 5  - Supporting all pupils

Supporting documents for overview

1. High quality oral language

March 2021

5.1 Developing high quality oral language.png

3. Developing prior knowledge

March 2021

5.3 Further developing prior knowledge.png

5. SEND code of practice

March 2021

5.5 The SEND code of practice.png

2. Developing reading & writing

March 2021

5.2 Developing reading and writing.png

4. Additional scaffolds

March 2021

5.4 Providing additional scaffolds.png

6. Supporting pupils

March 2021

5.6 Teaching pupils who require a greater level of support.JPG

Making the best use of teaching assistants

Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants is a free online course on how using TAs to make an impact on pupils' attainment

Making the best use of thumb

Linked research

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