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Why is Rewilding Important?

There is an overwhelming wealth of evidence that tells us our best chance of navigating the environmental crisis is returning our planet to a wilder state. Biodiversity loss is one of the leading contributors to climate change, and unless we act now - in a significant way - to reverse that, we risk reaching the point where the damage is irreparable. David Attenborough's "A Life On Our Planet" is an excellent book and series dealing with this issue:

But what can we do to contribute to rewilding?

Quite simply, we need a mindset change, and school fields are a great place to start. We're used to seeing expanses of neatly mown grass beside schools. Of course, we need space to play sport, but how much of your green space really needs to be grass?

Allowing a large proportion of that green space to grow wild would significantly improve your community's offer for wildlife. Any wild space is an improvement over bare grass, but Rewilding Rotherham can help you manage your wild area more effectively, to create an even better haven for nature.


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