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Learning from Knepp

Although it isn't a direct comparison (we don't have large wild mammals in our school grounds, for a start!) there's a lot we can learn from Knepp. Once a normal farm, the Knepp Estate was transformed into a rewilding haven, when owners Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell decided to try to mimic Neolithic Britain and let nature take its course.

Knepp is now one of the most biodiverse places in Britain, and is home to an incredible variety of wildlife. Some of their species, including beavers and white storks, have been reintroduced after being previously lost to our shores.

You can learn more about Knepp in Isabella's book Wilding, or by visiting

Believe it or not, there are ways that we can mimic some of the actions of Knepp's large herbivores! We'll have a look at this in some of our Rewilding Network meetings, which can be booked here:


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