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Celebrate National Storytelling Week

Stories have been told since the beginning of time!

Creating, sharing and listening to stories plays an important role in developing people’s connections to and building an understanding of the world around them.

Story telling builds empathy, creativity and helps to uncover and explore identities.

Storytelling is powerful!

What is National storytelling week?

National story telling week celebrates the tradition of storytelling and its power connect, inspire and entertain us. During this week, people of all ages can get involved in the art of storytelling. It’s a time to celebrate the diverse ways in which stories are told. This could be through poetry, spoken word, written narratives, theatre, film or even visual imagery.


When is National storytelling week?

This year we are celebrating 27th January until 4th February 2024!


How to celebrate National storytelling week? 

Head to the National Literacy trust website for fantastic resources for children of all ages to be used in schools and at home! They are also offering virtual events for KS1, KS2 and KS2 classes. Head to their Dream Up A World page here National Storytelling Week 2024 Activities, Events and Resources | National Literacy Trust | National Literacy Trust

Attend a story telling event: Get in contact with your local library or Museum to see if they are holding any special events.

Explore traditional stories from different cultures: Celebrate our world’s diversity by exploring traditional storytelling from different cultures. For example you could explore Indian Folk Tales, African Folklore, Dreamtime stories from Australia and of course a wealth more. As with all stories ensure to have read, watched or listened to the stories yourself before sharing them with children.

Read and share stories: Share to wonder of storytelling in school. Staff and children could share their favourite poems or short stories aloud to each other.

Organise storytelling gatherings: Create small storytelling gatherings in school. Each person can take turns at sharing a story from their life or a fictional that they have created.

Create your own stories: Get creative and craft your own stories in class! You could use an interesting object or a setting as inspiration for your stories!

Create story sacs: Support children to tell stories through the use of props. Encourage your child to tell stories | Words for Life


Useful Hashtags

Use these hashtags when sharing how you have celebrated National Story Telling Week, when you want to connect with others or find inspiration.



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