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The Education Exchange
professional generosity and friendship

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The Education Exchange is a place where people can come together and exchange effective school improvement strategies. It is a collection of highly successful educators that are invested in improving outcomes and opportunities for all students. It unites educators in sustainable professional friendships, ensuring all children can enjoy success irrespective of their starting points. 

The Education Exchange hopes this platform supports it’s wider work to:

  • Improve inclusion and drive social mobility by transforming outcomes, especially for disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND. 

  • Place collaboration before competition, working openly with those who are keen to offer support, and those who are keen to receive it. 

  • Contribute expertise and mobilises resources to improve education together. 

  • Focus on what works in schools, and what is proven to be effective. 

  • Show respect for context as different schools often face different challenges. 

  • Give, accept and reflect on feedback to drive continuous improvement. 

  • Address the lack of aspiration, recognising that economic future prosperity is inextricably linked to the quality of education. 

Take a look at how The Education Exchange can support you and your school. The Education Exchange is a network of professional friends and networks who aim to improve life chances and outcomes of students across the country.

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The Education Exchange is delighted to provide the following to support the practical application of Launchpad for Literacy. Launchpad for Literacy is a systematic, skill-based approach, enabling you to improve outcomes in the Early Years and beyond by identifying and closing specific skills gaps.

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The Education Exchange - EdTechTogether

In recent years EdTechTogether has been one of the highest performing EdTech demonstrators. EdTechTogether is pedagogy centred. It focusses on working with you so that your vision for using technology in Education becomes a reality.  

If you are interested in collaboration with EdTechTogether.

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If you want to find out more about The Education Exchange, please use the link below

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