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Lee Brooks
Casting Innovations

Lee is the creator and driving force behind Casting Innovations, a school and community focused social enterprise based in Canklow, Rotherham, since 2010. His 35 year background in specialist industrial manufacturing processes and techniques, includes jewellery, glass and steel which has has helped inspire him to develop unique interactive experience and create individual or collective installations items, from recycled materials.

Workshops are immersive and completely interactive, and can take place within schools or at Casting Innovations own facility. These can be individually tailored to fit most specific needs and outcomes required.

Supporting curriculum subjects and special projects, with practical creative and exciting demonstrations.

Key Stage 2 & 3

Fossils, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Romans, Celts

Key Stage 4

Practical application of theoretical subjects otherwise unavailable

Estimating, Changing States, Weights and measures, Design, Creative thinking, problem solving.

Wind Chimes, Key Rings, Signage, Wayfinding Markers, Commemorative Plaques, Mosaics, Coinage, Medals and Trophies

Testimonials, Examples of Outcomes and Case Studies are available on request.

Get in touch.

T - 07535513872

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