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Granny Norbag
Author - Songwriter - Puppeteer

The Granny Norbag project has crossed over into entertainment. Granny is now a popular music artist - tipped to be the next Ariana Grandma- and Malcolm has performed puppet shows for Grimm & Co, RMBC, Rotherham Libraries and Sheffield Theatres.

Malcolm is also an award winning songwriter, a participant on the Skywrites TV writers development programme (Sky TV/New Writing North), and the current Artist In Residence at the Rotherham Civic Theatre.

With support from Arts Coucil England, Help Musicians, We Are IVE, Sheffield Theatres and The Rotherham Civic, Malcolm will tour his KS1 show, ‘Granny Norbag Saves The Planet’ across schools from February 2023. The show has a strong environmental message and a linked project that schools can take part in.

Malcolm offers both KS1 and KS2 creative writing workshops. In 2023 he launches two new workshops for KS2 and KS3 - ‘Writing For Stage And Screen’, and ‘Unlocking Your Creative Potential’.

Granny Norbag is going to be a TV star!

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