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Our passion for Global Education
DECSY exists to promote Global Learning: an approach to education that increases understanding of complex global issues, such as inequality, conflict, climate change, migration and different world views.
Working with schools and teachers to inspire
 and inform so that educators can confidently bring the global perspective into their teaching.

Training Courses
Global learning and support for the classroom
Courses running in academic year 2023/24 include:
Anti-racist Education Workshop

This workshop will allow you to reflect on your own practice and misconceptions; you are required to have an open mind during this workshop and are welcome to share best practices and experiences. Contact DECSY to book an inset or twilight whole-school training session.
Sustainability and Climate Change
DECSY has secured funding for five FREE places (first come first served). How is your school responding to the climate change emergency? This training session provides support to the Sustainability and Climate Change school co-ordinator, and how schools can take a whole-school approach to climate change.

For a full list of courses head over to the DECSY Global Learning& Support Page

Our Work

Introductions and updates to our current projects, including ‘Gender Action’ and ‘Non-violent Action: a force for change’.

Hands on Resources

Lesson plans, teaching packs and useful links including ‘Colonialism, Slavery & the Industrial Revolution’.

How we work

We offer a range of training courses to teachers and schools, with our skilled staff providing support for understanding current events as well as understanding of complex global issues.

Current courses cover issues such as climate change (climate anxiety, eco-anxiety), gender equality, stereotyping and critical thinking and include:

Planning a broad and balanced curriculum through global learning
Engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Philosophy for Children
Gender Equity in Schools – a whole-school approach (Gender Action)
Sustainability and Climate Change – developing a whole school approach
Teaching topical, controversial and sensitive issues
We work on specific projects that enhance Global Learning teaching resources and research.

Current projects include:

Gender Action
The Schools Linking Network – linking pupils across different schools in Sheffield and Rotherham
Non-violent action: a force for change
Recent and current funders and supporting bodies have included:
European Union, DFID, The Nineveh Charitable Trust, Sheffield City Council, The Linking Project, and individual donors.

Is gender equity at the heart of policy and practice in your educational setting?
Gender Action is an award programme which promotes and supports a whole-school approach to challenging stereotypes. Demonstrate your commitment to ensuring all young people can reach their full potential.

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November 2023

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You are welcome to come and visit our Resource Centre where you will find over 3000 resources for sales, loan or reference.

The Resource Centre also provides an artefacts loan service and access to recommended websites, and staff can offer assistance in finding human resources, in the form of artist/educators from Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

Centre staff can offer specialist advice on resources for teaching about citizenship, distant places, development, human rights, peace, environment, diversity and equal opportunities issues. Staff can help with resourcing all areas of your curriculum including literacy, geography, history, maths, science, SMSC and music & arts. There are resources to support whole school development: Eco-schools, Fair Trade, Rights Respecting Schools, P4C Awards, Global Schools Award, International Schools Award.

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Scotia Works

Leadmill Road


S1 4SE



0114 241 2750

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