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Design for Deer Hunting Mural in the Cabaret Theatre Club, 1912, oil & chalk on paper by

Spencer Gore (1878–1914), photo credit: Yale Center for British Art

What is Art UK?

Art UK is the online home for every public art collection in the United Kingdom.
We are an art education charity and we democratise access to art.
Our website brings together art from over 3,400 British institutions in one of the UK's biggest ever arts partnerships. It shows over 300,000 works by over 50,000 artists and is growing all the time.
Through our work, we make art accessible to all – for enjoyment, learning and research.

Thanks to our generous supporters, it's all free.

Harold Gilman's House at Letchworth (detail), 1912, oil on panel by Spencer Gore (1878–191

The Superpower Of Looking

Harold Gilman's House at Letchworth (detail), 1912, oil on panel by Spencer Gore (1878–1914), photo credit: Government Art Collection

Image Credit

The Superpower of Looking is an innovative and inclusive programme that seeks to transform the visual literacy skills of primary school children across the UK, taking the world of art and images as its starting point.

Using a set of free teaching resources, children will gain an essential superpower: the ability to really 'see' – to critically observe, analyse, question, interpret, and empathise. Children will become visually literate in the image-dominated world around them.

The Superpower of Looking is supported by Freelands Foundation.

Everyone Learning​

The Superpower of Looking learning resources been developed in collaboration with experts in inclusive practice, including SEND/ASD/ALN practitioners. As we develop both existing and new resources, we are committed to continually improving accessibility and inclusivity. Every learning resource includes a list of inclusive, sensory activities to ensure everyone is learning.

We believe that The Superpower of Looking can be of particular benefit for teaching students with specific additional support needs. Our sensory-based engagement ideas include ways to make, listen, touch, move and communicate around a particular artwork.

In order to use The Superpower of Looking resource with students with blindness or visual impairment, VocalEyes have produced audio descriptions of one artwork in each Superpower category.

Art Installation

Our Mission

Art UK is an ambitious and creative organisation, sharing the national art collection worldwide, encouraging creative thinking and practice.

 Compelling storytelling, creative schools' learning resources, innovative digital initiatives and fulfilling community engagement underpin our approach.

We encourage people of all backgrounds to learn about, visit and enjoy art; to interact with it, have agency over it and develop creative skills. 

Our Work

We bring together the nation's art on one platform for the world to see. We digitise artworks, tell the stories behind the art and create exciting opportunities for public interaction with art. We play a major role in supporting public art collections, by improving their accessibility and sustainability.

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A selection of free to access resources from Art UK

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