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Skills Street is an immersive and innovative world of work learning and training experience, developed to inspire and inform children, young people, and adults from across the South Yorkshire region. Based on the site of the UK's newest theme park, 'Gulliver's Valley', Skills Street will transform the way the region delivers careers training for schools with this new hands-on approach to developing and honing skills.

This interactive training centre will be delivered by a partnership between Gulliver's Valley theme park, The Work-wise foundation, and the Source, creating a Centre of Excellence in training from a retail to construction and from hospitality to manufacturing

What is Skills Street?


  • Experiential, transforming the way careers training is delivered across South Yorkshire.

  • Integrated curriculum learning, Gatsby benchmarked to be meaningful and measurable.

  • Differentiated learning provision across key stages.

  • A catalyst for vocational learning (apprenticeships and training) linked to skills needs and local industry demand.

  • Co-designed by industry, enhanced by sector expertise

Where are we now?

  •                      Site build to begin July 2023, with first school group visit plans for Summer 2024.

  •                            Estimated 16,000 school pupil visits across 24/25 academic year.

  •                                    Education: Resource development planning across educationalists.

  •                                          Business: Securing industry partners to facilitate an interactive learning environment.

For Educators

Skills Street will be a place for all young people and those who educate and influence them.  

It will create a safe environment where participants can experience and learn in an inspiring and

interactive way, introducing them to the many varied industries, jobs and careers to explore. 

Skills Street will offer a unique learning experience for children and young people to gain new skills, experience

practical learning opportunities and gain much needed insight into the world of work and entrepreneurship. 

Skills Street will provide: 

  • Access to businesses and those working in them 

  • Exciting Spaces with hands on fun and engaging learning experiences 

  • A range of immersive real world learning opportunities from primary age upwards 

  • Educators and trainers with exciting purpose-built spaces and resources to inspire their learners 

  • Young people with the chance to explore the Skills Street and see the range and breadth of opportunities open to them 

Further Information

for further information visit our website at or  contact us at

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