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    Skills Street is an immersive and innovative world of work learning and training experience, developed to

              inspire and inform children, young people, and adults from across the South Yorkshire region. Based

              on the site of the UK's newest theme park, 'Gulliver's Valley', Skills Street will transform the way the

      region delivers careers training for schools with this new hands-on approach to developing and honing 


             This interactive training centre will be delivered by a partnership between Gulliver's Valley theme park,

                   The Work-wise foundation, and the Source, creating a Centre of Excellence in training from a retail                               to construction and from hospitality to manufacturing

Skills Street?

What is Skills Street?

  • Experiential, transforming the way careers training is delivered across South Yorkshire.

  • Integrated curriculum learning, Gatsby benchmarked to be meaningful and measurable.

  • Differentiated learning provision across key stages.

  • A catalyst for vocational learning (apprenticeships and training) linked to skills needs and local industry demand.

  • Co-designed by industry, enhanced by sector expertise

Under Construction: Paving the Way for Innovation in Education 

        and Business

                           On the edge of Rotherham on the site of Gulliver’s Valley Theme Park Resort, a groundbreaking project is 

                                    underway, destined to reshape the landscape of education and business collaboration. Skills Street, a

                                         brand-new innovative education facility, is taking shape, promising to be a beacon of learning and

                                                 creativity for both schools and businesses alike. Join us as we explore the exciting developments

                                                       happening on this transformative facility, currently under construction and set to open its doors

                                                              in 2024.

The Vision

Skills Street is not just a construction site; it's a vision coming to life. At its core, the project aims to bridge

the gap between education and industry, creating a dynamic space where students can seamlessly transition

from classroom learning to hands-on experience. The team behind Skills Street (which is a collaboration between Gulliver’s Theme Parks, The Work-wise Foundation and The Source Skills Academy) envision a hub where innovation thrives.

Education Redefined

One of the key features of Skills Street is its innovative approach to education. Zones are designed to simulate real-world business environments, providing students with practical, industry-relevant skills. From cutting-edge technology labs to collaborative workspaces, every inch of Skills Street is crafted with the goal of preparing the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of the modern workforce.

Business Integration

Skills Street is not only an educational hub but also a space where businesses can actively engage with

the learning process. The facility offers dedicated spaces for companies to collaborate with educators, ensuring

that the skills being taught align with the current and future needs of the industry. This symbiotic relationship is set to

create a talent pool that is not only well-educated but also ready to contribute meaningfully to the workforce from

day one.

Construction in Progress

            As we eagerly await the grand opening in 2024, construction is in full swing. The site is a hive of activity                with skilled  workers shaping the vision into reality. In our video, you can catch a glimpse of the careful

            planning and precision that goes into creating a facility of this magnitude.

Countdown to 2024

The anticipation is growing as the countdown to the opening of Skills Street continues.

The collaboration between educators, businesses, and planners is a testament to the power of

forward-thinking initiatives. Skills Street is not just a physical space; it represents a paradigm shift in how

we approach education and its integration with the professional world.

Skills Street is poised to become a shining example of what can be achieved when education and business unite

with a shared vision.

As we eagerly await the unveiling of this innovative facility in 2024, we invite you to be a part of the journey. Stay tuned for more updates, and witness the birth of a groundbreaking space that will shape the future of education and business collaboration.

Further Information

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