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Theories of Action: Mental Models in Motion

June 2020

researchEDHome 2020 Kathryn Morgan & Helena Moore: Theories of Action: Mental Models in Motion.

Theories of Action: Mental Models in Motion
Schools are complex organisations. As a result, endless (well-intentioned) change initiatives are introduced in the name of ‘school improvement’, often resulting in change fatigue rather than sustainable (and scalable) improvement. So how can we, as leaders, get off the merry-go-round of change and onto the steady path of improvement? In this session, Helena and Kathryn will explore the work of Professor Viviane Robinson and her most recent book: Reduce Change to Increase Improvement. They will explore how Robinson’s engagement approach can support school leaders to make this shift from change to improvement by rigorously investigating the tacit theories of action that explain the practices they wish to change.

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