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All schools have a legal duty to prevent bullying. If you’re a maintained school you need to explain how you go about this in your behaviour policy at the very least – if you’re an academy you are also required to have a clear strategy. Whatever type of school you are – a carefully considered anti-bullying policy that is put into action on a daily basis is vital for the protection of pupils and staff. 

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Government / DFE Guidance

Preventing & Tackling Bullying

Approaches to Preventing & Tackling Bullying

Tackling Race & Faith Targeted Bullying

The Equality Act 2010


Education for a
Connected World

Anti-Bullying CPD

Managing Conflict Parents and carers information

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What is bullying?

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KS2/3 Mindfulness session

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Secondary Pupil Friendly Policy 
Primary Pupil Friendly Anti - Bullying Policy 
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The Anti-Bullying Company

The Anti Bullying Company, run by Ann Foxley-Johnson, aims to educate people about the impact of bullying and the power of kindness and respect.

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