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Children in Classroom

Introduction to SEMH - Anna Freud

March 2021

Supporting documents

Anna Freud supporting mental health & wellbeing in secondary schools booklet

Secondary talking mental health with young people leaflet

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The Inclusive and Nurturing Schools Toolkit

Over the last 11 months, in partnership with the Mayor of London, we have investigated how schools, multi-academy trusts (‘trusts’) and local authorities can engage in early intervention work to become more inclusive and nurturing and reduce the number of formal and informal exclusions.

This free toolkit guides schools, trusts and local authorities to:

· Identify opportunities for change

· Learn from others

· Adapt approaches to work in your own context

· Reference other relevant resources to move to implementation

Attachment Theory

November 2022

Andy Young looks at aspects of Attachment Theory.

An Introduction to Attachment

June 2021

An introduction to Attachment

An introduction to SEMH

June 2021

An introduction to SEMH.

Children & anxiety

March 2021

CPD focusing on anxiety and cognitive therapy.

Trauma informed schools

March 2021

The CPD focuses on being a trauma informed school.

Trauma and the brain

March 2021

CPD focusing on the effects of childhood trauma on the brain.


March 2021

The CPD focuses on adverse childhood experiences.

Attachment aware

March 2021

The content is from the ARC. The CPD focuses on being attachment aware as a school.

The Use of Mindfulness to Support Emotional Literacy

December 2021

Dr Trisha Waters discusses the use of mindfulness to support emotional literacy.


A toolkit for schools and colleges
Measuring & monitoring children & young people's mental wellbeing.

Linked Research

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This study by researchers from University College London explores the role of ability-grouping in primary school in the development of emotional and behavioural problems across the primary and secondary school years.

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Emerging Evidence:
Coronavirus and children & young people's mental health 


Evidence Based Practice Unit Key Findings 2020


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