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Fusion HR

Fusion HR

It's a people thing

Fusion HR

It’s a people thing.

With a team of education specialists, along with business and legal specialists, our team offer both commercial advice and a safe pair of hands.

We provide unlimited advice, personalised and proactive on-site support including HR Audits. Our full range of services includes:

HR & Legal Services,
Employment & Contracts Service,
Health & Wellbeing Services,
Recruitment & DBS,
Health & Safety and Consultancy Services eg. Investigations,
Academy Conversions for Schools
We believe that outstanding schools and successful businesses are built on the quality of their people. Our people become your people. We work as a team helping to support your organisation and achieve your objectives. You can find out more about FusionHR on our website

FusionHR is part of Fusion Education People Solutions. We bring together HR software and HR service, all developed specifically for the sector by education specialists. We are trusted by over 1000 schools and trusts across the UK. SAMpeople our holistic HRIS, incorporates all your people management information and much more. Built for education visionaries, SAMpeople manages employee information effectively all in one place. Our system enables HR analytics and people management decisions to be made quickly and easily through dashboards, employee profiles, workflows and reports. To reduce administration SAMpeople links with school MIS systems to avoid duplication. SAMpeople, incorporates SAM our absence management software and integrates with our new ATS, FACE-Ed, enabling you to efficiently and safely find the FACE that fits. For more information, please go to our website

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